I’m Alexander Billet. I’m a writer of prose and poetry, fiction and non-fiction. My writing has appeared in Jacobin, Salvage, In These Times, Radical Art Review, Los Angeles Review of Books, Historical Materialism blog, Protean, Real Life, Marx & Philosophy Review of Books, Chicago Review, Against the Current, and other outlets. Most of my work revolves around issues of historical memory, radical geography, and artistic expression. I am also a pop culture news reporter at Looper.com.

My first book, Shake the City: Experiments In Space and Time, Music and Crisis, will be released in late 2022 through 1968 Press.

For seven years I was a founding and chief editor at the radical arts publication Red Wedge. Currently I’m a member of the Locust Arts & Letters Collective, and serve on the editorial board of Locust Review. I’m also co-host of its podcast, Locust Radio. In 2020, I was a fellow at the Los Angeles Review of Books Publishing Workshop.

Some of my art will appear sporadically on this site. More of it can be found on my Instagram.

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