I’m Alexander Billet. I’m a writer of prose and poetry, fiction and non-fiction. I regularly write on the subject of music for Jacobin, and have also appeared in In These Times, Radical Art Review, Marx & Philosophy Review of Books, Chicago Review, and other outlets. Most of my work revolves around issues of historical memory, radical geography, and artistic expression.

For seven years I was a founding and chief editor at the radical arts publication Red Wedge. Currently I’m a member of the Locust Arts & Letters Collective, and serve on the editorial board of Locust Review. I’m also co-host of its podcast, Locust Radio.

Hollywood, California is where I call home, and I organize with Democratic Socialists of America – Los Angeles’ Agit-Prop committee, heading up the Arts & Socialism study group. I am also
a member of Solidarity, and organize with the East Side Jews Activist Collective.

Some of my art will appear sporadically on this site. More of it can be found on my Instagram.