What is an inauguration?
Inauguration: the passing of one moment into the next.

How does it take place?
Ceremony and/or sacrifice and/or ceremony.

Why do we inaugurate?
Because we are America.  

Who do we inaugurate today?
A president.

Where is the inauguration taking place?
It is projected into your world, your mind, your one-bedroom apartment.

When will one moment become the next?
When we say so.

How will you make sure that happens?
The words of a president matter.

Do words kill?
They command drones.

What are drones?
It is good and purposeful you don’t remember that.

Will the president’s words cure me of my ills?
Yes, but you will have to look very closely.

What am I looking for?

Where in the president’s words is that hope?
Somewhere in what is unsaid.

What is unsaid?
The future.

What is the future and how did you un-say it?
Watch us.

Will anyone say the future?
Some, but they have the bad grift.

Is there a good grift?
We aren’t telling.

Has the past been un-said too?
There is only the present.

Why is the president crying?
Because he doesn’t know where you end and history begins.

What is history?
It comes at night with dripping fangs.

Is it a monster then?
Monsters live outside of time.

So how does it hurt us?
It erupts through each crack and crevice.

Will the president protect us from history?
The words of a president matter.

What moment is beginning?
If we must tell you then didn’t vote hard enough.

What moment is ending?
[Answer redacted]

Why are there so many soldiers?
Because the moment never stopped ending.

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