Fragments of a Hot Autumn

From now on               every autumn
will burn

The only question
will be                          whether the flames

are set by figments
or by nature.

Certain citizens            have determined

that figments
are preferable to nature.

And who can blame them?

Not us.

Blame              can only be ascribed
by the better armed.

In my dream
I pretend you aren’t there.

Scrubbing stains                 from my conscience

in someone else’s name.

Children           always learn quick,

find the hidden lesson

where adults forget.

What will they learn     when told
get in line

also to stay away
                        from each other?


a young man    swings his bat
dips his bandanna
            in vinegar

prepares for combat.

Is he antifa
or Proud Boy?

We must know             so that we can tell

if he is doing
bad things.

The plums                               in the icebox
are mine.

You can’t have any.


If they did
he would simply           heal himself.

Just like he will heal
            your stocks,
                        your troubled bank accounts,
                        your neighborhood
                        from the threat
                                    of public housing.

Do not doubt him.

There is no drug more powerful than nostalgia.

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